Spotify Radio is SO bad all you can do is laugh.


Whatever “algorithm” Spotify uses to pick tracks for their radio is so off the charts horrific it’s actually funny.  Perhaps Spotify thinks algorithm means “a collection of random numbers”, but when you pick a band like Luna (dream/indie pop) and the third track they play is from 40 Hardstyle Tunes Vol 2 featuring Pila & The Scientists you know for certain one of two things is happening.  1. Spotify is fundamentally incompetent or 2. Money talks and and people listen.  

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  1. I completely agree! I’ve created multiple radio stations on Spotify that within 3-5 songs I’m find myself thinking, “WTF is this sh!t”. Not to mention that if Spotify decides it wants to play a certain artist that is entirely unrelated, or I just don’t want on my specific radio, I have to thumbs EVERY song by that artist. But that doesn’t usually take to long to do because Spotify will play another song or two from the same artist and album in a few more songs if not immediately after.

    Also if I make the mistake of liking a song that is slightly different from the main “theme” of my radio Spotify loves to run that radio into the group playing the most absurd songs it can find!

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