Nurture vs Nature


Up In The AirKids are genetic missiles- you pack them full of chromosomes and launch them into the world. Your best you can do thereafter is to nudge their direction a modicum to the left, right or center. But they are pretty much going to be who they are going to be- you can’t make someone who is really ugly, beautiful or really dumb, smart or bent on self destruction, cautious. You do the best you can.

Start-ups are the opposite- they are sponges, they are chameleons. Better yet, they are gelatin. They have no natural or discernable flavors, they absorb from whatever is added to their composition. Start-ups are the quintessential nurture that become whatever and whomever you put in them. If you don’t like what you made- you can add more of what you are lacking, remove ingredients that didn’t work or rebalance the whole pie. It’s painful and can be hard but doable.

With a kid you grip it and rip it and hope to do the best with your genetic cocktail and shape him/her as you can. But with a start-up you pick the end game first and work backward carefully and slowly to build your baby.

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