I Love Data, it’s the Finest Wine.


I love data– I can never get enough.  Data always tells a story.  Always.  Every time I see data I immediately put on my CSI hat (or when I was growing up it was Jack Klugman the irascible pathologist on Quincy M.E.).

Data is almost never complete it seldom tells the WHOLE story, but it is the science and my job is the art.

The art is to figure out what it does tell you and what it doesn’t tell you.  Trace the connectors; identify the threads; debunk causation; question correlation.  The hardest part is the best part- you don’t even know what you don’t know.  That is the “find a dinosaur bone and determine what they ate” challenge.  For me this is a very satisfying and rewarding experience- but for some it is frustrating and demotivating.  I love “figuring things out”;  solving problems and challenges that every set of data presents is like a new jigsaw puzzle to unfold.  But instead of ending up with great collage of cats, I drive revenue, conversions and effect change.  In startup life that is why we show up every day.

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