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instragram photos

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Coastal Apps

Coastal Apps (noun) : A mobile application for iphone owners who’s core audience is the hyper-connected tech-centric populations of the Northeast US and Northern California.

Example usage : “Man, that’s just a coastal app, no one wants to geo-locate their dog in Chicago.”


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What is Quora?

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[UPDATE February 2013: I use to love FractureMe- but sadly I cannot recommend it anymore.  After two more orders consisting of 20 prints the change in printing process now generates much lower quality images and the color is terrible.  While the glass effect remains cool- Mpix delivers MUCH better prints]

I ordered a couple prints from a new(ish) service called I’ve been looking for clean simple alternatives to printing and framing digital photos with a bend toward sleek and modern. Fracture uses an interesting printing technique where they print on the back of clear glass (it appears that they actually print to a thin film that is adhered to the glass. The result is a simple but stunning picture that floats just behind the glass and just off the wall- the photos come with a think black cardboard backing which is part of the framing sandwich with holes drilled to hang vertically or horizontally.

After studying them both for a week I have come to the following conclusions:

1. If you are a normal person (aka any kind of run of the mill, point-and-shoot photographer even with a DSLR) and you are looking for something nice to hang on the wall for yourself or gifts you will be totally happy with the slick results of Fracture.
2. If you are a real photo buff you will find the print quality only a B as if you look closely you can see some pixilation from the printing process. It is not bad, but it is not the same as super high quality photo quality paper and a professional printing process.
3. I theorize that because the film they print on is so thin and the backing is black the pictures come out *slightly* dark from what you would expect.
I ordered two prints both 8.5×11, cost was $18 each plus shipping which is a very reasonable price vs cost of print+frame.  I will order again, I will order for gifts, but for certain photos I want the highest quality from, I will order actual high quality prints and frame.

Update: I have taken a photo (using my canon DSLR) of the FractureMe print side by side with an 8×10 actual photo print from SnapFish. You will see some of the color differences as well as slight loss of details in the FractureMe photo. Note, the original was taken with a canon point and shoot, not a DSLR. (click to enlarge image view)

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If you are driven…

If you are driven at all to push yourself, then you must listen to this fantastic piece on limits- of human mind, body and knowledge.

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Something doesn’t add up here for ads.

Let’s look at the simple math: current model for CPM based advertising on network TV is a $15-40 CPM with about 16×30 second ads shown (that’s 22 minutes of content and 8 minutes of ads, 6 national and 2 local).

If you take the top range of all of this $40CPMx16 ads you get $.64 of ad revenue.  Content producers are now proposing to charge $.99 per episode to watch ala carte which is an almost 55% increase in the cost to the viewer (and a hard cash cost, not a soft time cost).

Granted content producers (and networks) also pick up revenue from cable and other providers as content fees which increases the $.64, and probably substantially, but at $.99 per episode, even with a hefty distribution cut to Apple or others this still just doesn’t seem like a good value for viewers, especially given then can already time shift the shows and skip all the ads effectively bringing their cost to pennies.

Consumers want on demand content, but at what price?

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